PrivateInternetAccess VPN provider
Name URL Mirror/Proxy Notes
pirate bay logo The Pirate Bay  🔗 One. Two. Three. Four. Five. TPB mirrors updated (May 2019). Many mirrors of all types are now being blocked by ISPs.
1337 logo 1337X  🔗 One. Two.
eztv logo EZTV  🔗 One. Two. There was a hostile takeover of EZTV in April 2015; a new group controls the EZTV sites and brand.
kickasstorrents logo KickAssTorrents  🔗 One. Two. KickAssTorrents was taken down; mirrors are for clones.
Torrentz logo Torrentz2  🔗 One. The original Torrentz closed in Aug 2016; Torrentz2 is a clone.
SciHub logo SciHub  🔗 One. Two. Three. Changing often. There is also an insecure (HTTP) mirror.
extratorrent logo ExtraTorrent  🔗 None. ExtraTorrent closed in May 2017; any clones are likely scams!
torrenthound logo TorrentHound  🔗 None.
tparser logo  🔗 One. TParser closed in January 2019; the domain name expired. A mirror is available.

Are these mirrors safe?

They should be! Each mirror is checked to ensure it doesn't do anything nasty, like:

  1. Inject advertisements or popups into destination pages,
  2. redirect users off-site,
  3. interfere with user interactions on pages, e.g. button clicks,
  4. hijack the 'download' button to insert third-party downloads,
  5. ... and a whole host of other malicious behaviours.

However, as with any website, you click any external link at your own risk. You should use an adblocker such as uBlock Origin (Chrome, Firefox). You can use the free service VirusTotal to scan websites for malware.

Why so few links?

Far, far too many mirrors are either spammy, or unreliable (often 404, experience server errors, etc.). Others use broken or self-signed SSL certificates.

I don't want to have to bookmark 1,000 different websites... what else can I do?

Use a VPN. With a VPN, your web traffic is sent through the VPN provider's servers, hiding your IP and encrypting your data. The most popular provider is PrivateInternetAccess, which costs $3.30 (£2.70) per month. It has reliable speeds, servers in many countries, doesn't store any logs, and is very easy to begin using. You can compare many other VPNs available. The other option is to use Tor, by downloading the Tor Browser Bundle. Tor can be very slow, but provides good privacy and is free.

How many countries block filesharing sites?

The following countries have either court-mandated blocks for filesharing sites, or have major ISPs that block access to such sites: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom.